Five memorable (and infuriating) points from the Oprah, Meghan, and Harry interview

Tonight, Meghan Markle and Harry sat down with Oprah Winfrey, and the highly anticipated prime time interview lived up to the expectations behind the couple’s story of how they were treated by royal officials. Treatment that ultimately left to their departure from the operation.

It was also very upsetting. And the protection around these royal officials won’t require them to explain their behavior, which not only hinders the fact finding aspect of all of this, but also frees them of any accountability for their actions.

Here are five memorable (and infuriating) moments from tonight’s interview.

Meghan’s admission of self harming thoughts: Meghan explained to Oprah that she was in pain and thought of harming herself. And how the politics involved kept her from getting treatment.

The Archie exceptions and concerns about his skin tone: Meghan said that Archie would not get a title and he would not get security. She was also informed that they were discussions over concerns on how dark his skin would be. And we did not get a name behind those discussions.

The “Institution”: These are the trouble makers here and seemed to be behind every negative aspect over what occurred to the couple leaving the family. Once again, we’ll never get a detailed explanation from them.

The Kate story: Meghan said that it was Kate that made her feel bad over wedding planning and that the story was done wrong by english tabloids months after the ceremony took place. The same tabloids that hold parties in the palace.

Harry’s dedication to try and repair the relationship with his family: Because of the bubble of information everyone is living in. It sounds like there is a miscommunication that is hurting this family. Harry pledges to keep working despite the damage done.

Some quick positive notes…

Meghan and Harry both spoke well of the queen.
Oprah’s expert handling of the two hour interview was a reminder of how good she is. She pressed a couple of times on the more serious moments of the discussion.
The couple is expecting a daughter!

Still. There are a lot of answers owed to this family that they will likely never get. And that’s unfortunate. And a good reason for this interview to have taken place.

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