Here is really why we’re angry for Meghan and Harry after the Oprah interview

If you were one of the many who watched the CBS interview last night with Meghan, Harry, and Oprah Winfrey, then you might be angry over what you heard. I know I was (story HERE).

And if you’re not, then hopefully you can find some insight with this post. Here we go.

We’re upset for Meghan and Harry, because the unfair treatment they received from “the institution” is something we’ve gone through, or an experience we’ve watched someone we love go through.

We’re talking about an experience where we know there has been trouble in the past, and we’re getting ready to watch that trouble repeat itself.

We’re referring to a person entering an environment where the status quo is frightened by them and populated by a group of problematic individuals who will target and attack them.

And we’re also talking about those problematic individuals leaking toxic and unproven falsehoods and creating an environment so bad, the person we care about is put in pain.

The truth is that this is not just about Meghan Markle, who was a successful actress before she even walked down that aisle.

This is about your daughter, or your son, or your sibling, or even your best friend, walking into a world that you know doesn’t really care about him/her. And then watching all of your suspicions and fears come through.

It can feel personal very quick.

And then you just have the lack of accountability from this “institution” over what is being said. They’re using this cover to attack a young mother and one of their own so fiercely that it caused them to walk away and consider harming themselves.

That is why we’re angry. And also because it’s very unlikely that any healing from this damaging experience will be done. Especially, when a family doesn’t take phone calls from one of it’s children.

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