The Top Five Best Wesley Snipes Movies (as of 2021)

Coming 2 America is now out on streaming and its…eh (full review HERE), but the best part of the film is Wesley Snipes playing the Zamunda warlord, General Izzi. He crushes it.

But Coming 2 America is not in his top five best movies. In fact, in Snipes’ great catalog of 69 credits, it might not be in his top ten.

But for today, we’re looking at the Top Five Best Wesley Snipes movies (which he either top billed or shared top billing).

In no particular order.

New Jack City: I worry that Nino Brown often gets forgotten in the pantheon of great movie gangsters. But Snipes in this real star making role, owns the 1991 film, especially in that classic courtroom scene which I watch twice a year. “This is the American way.”

White Men Can’t Jump
: A year later, Snipes starred with Woody Harrelson in this basketball dramedy that really took on race almost thirty years ago. Teaming with a white basketball hustler and owning the Los Angeles pick up ball scene, this just has so many great lines. “I can hear Jimmy!”

Rising Sun: Co starring with the late great Sean Connery, Snipes is the Cohei in this Michael Crieghton 1993 techno thriller. And while it’s a short scene, watching him throw down with the original 007 is just wonderful.

Demolition Man: Snipes was once again the perfect villain opposite of hero cops Sylvester Stallone and a very new Sandra Bullock. The film was too much fun to watch and is a must see for any action fan to this day.

Blade: Was Wesley the original rated R Marvel hero? It’s a fair question because this 1998 action film that spawned a franchise was excellent action featuring our favorite Daywalker.

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