Call Of Duty Warzone: Happy Birthday! And five things I want to see in Year 2

Happy Birthday Call Of Duty Warzone! You have truly been a gaming blessing over the past year during these tough times, and there are legions of gamers that wouldn’t have gotten through this pandemic without you.

Onward to year two!

While I’ve got you here, I did want to discuss some other things that I would love to see from Warzone over the next year. I’m a believer that the second year stretch can be a time when games tend to hit their stride and I expect nothing different here.

Let’s go.

Continued support for low income gamers: The game is free. That is excellent. And that’s why I say “continued support”. A gamer with an Xbox One can still pick up the sticks and get double digit kills. Please. Let’s keep this.

Further customization for operators and weapons: Honestly, I could look through loadouts all day. And that’s why I blog about COD builds all of the time. Let’s keep this going. And let’s get some more customizable skins too. I loved the Halloween stuff. Let’s get more of that. I know you won’t have a problem with it. They’re revenue generators.

More vehicles and streaks: Nothing amps up the adrenaline more than the way vehicles are integrated into this game. The escape from a hot jump in a chopper. Having just enough armor on a bertha to push ahead. Let’s embrace that and take it to the next level.

A new map, of course: It’s time. Let’s see another map. I know you guys are working on it. Let’s get this party started. This will have the potential to ramp up excitement in the game all over again.

A Content Generator Affiliate Program: One of the best parts of Warzone is that the game is so special, that you can enjoy other people playing it, talking about it, blogging about it. Let’s work to make this an even better community.

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