Call Of Duty Warzone: Black Roze has become “Odd Job” for the new generation

“Let’s play Golden Eye!…No Oddjob”

That’s what your parents or possibly older siblings were saying back in the late 90s when Golden Eye was the groundreaking first person shooter for the N64. Because of a design glitch, the famous James Bond henchman, Odd Job, was considered a cheating skin because he was tough to shoot. Even the creators said so.

Now, here we are in 2021 and Warzone is dealing with one of it’s latest controversies. The Black Roze skin. A slim operator, dressed in all black, Roze is designed to be tough to see in the dark and her build makes it tougher to shoot her.

At first read, it would seem like Roze is Oddjob for the new generation, but there is a difference.

Roze is designed to fit into the dark. That’s why she’s wearing all black. She’s slender and tough to shoot for the same reason LeBron James is tall and muscular. Their builds both serve a purpose in their task.

Now, I don’t use a Black Roze skin, but we need to get our designation straight here. She was designed this way and is available for most players as an operator (eventually).

If you fight someone in the dark, it’s tough to see them if they’re wearing black. That’s the purpose of camouflage.

But the ship has sailed and now Roze is Oddjob. At the end of the day, its the consumers that define the product.

The customer is always right.

But in 20 years when the next controversial build comes out, it might not be the fairest of comparisons as it is when we talk about Oddjob. The original broken FPS skin.

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