The Bachelor: The future of Chris Harrison on the show is still sharply dividing fans

With news that Chris Harrison won’t be hosting “The Bachelorette” next season, and won’t be back this season to host the “After The Final Rose” special, fans have gotten into an emotional debate over what his future should be with the program.

Harrison fumbled an interview regarding social media posts from season finalist, Rachel Kirkconnell depicting the “old south”, as she fights for the heart of the show’s first black bachelor, Matt James.

Depending on which social media platform you read, there are people both aggressively pushing for Harrison’s permanent ejection from the show, while others threatening to boycott future seasons after watching the last 18 seasons if Harrison doesn’t return. And the two sides are frequently conflicting on various threads.

ABC has been mum on the entire controversy before finally putting out some news last night about the Bachelorette. Show stars Tayshia Adams, who was last season’s bachelorette, and Kaitlyn Bristow, who won the last season of Dancing With The Stars, will host instead (story HERE).

Sports commentator, Emmanuel Acho, will host the “After The Final Rose” special (story HERE).

One fire at a time though.

If Kirkconnell should win, they show will have to deal with a fan base getting their most unpopular season finale ever, on an occasion that was supposed to celebrate diversity.

And then they’ll have to find a way to keep everyone in the boat, regardless of what they decide to do with Chris Harrison.

All of this goes back to social media. The Bachelor/Bachelorette trends on top anytime it’s on, and was a top trend with the latest news for most of the day.

There is no reason to believe the fireworks won’t continue on Monday night.

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