AEW Dynamite: Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker tear the *bleeping* house down

How much do we praise this unbelievable match?

We’re trying to figure it out now after an incredible showing by Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker DMD in the “Lights Out” main event on AEW Dynamite tonight.

At the end of the broadcast the two ladies left behind piles of broken chairs and tables, along with thumbtacks and puddles of blood on each of their faces.

More importantly they produced the first organic “this is awesome” chant in a year, and left fans cheering at home too when it was all over.

The set up was done correctly leading up to the fight. During the match, Rebel ran interference for the DMD in the most enjoyable of ways. And the pacing was done so perfectly.

And when it was all over, it was Thunder Rosa who was the winner crying over her opponent who was bleeding on the mats.

But no one lost tonight. Believe that.

Just wow. Great job by both of these athletes. The two of them and everyone in their support system should be proud tonight.

Let the fans determine where this great match falls, but it needs to fall high.

We should also talk about Brian Cage. Who leveled up tonight. His friction with Team Tazz while respecting a legend like Sting is good story telling. We know that entire stable can wrestle, and now it looks like we’re going to see them rise up even higher on the program. I’ll take that all day.

AEW put on another great show tonight. I might even rewatch it tomorrow. It was just that good.

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