Don’t blame Aaron Gordon for wanting out, Orlando Magic refuse to get better

The Majesty Building.
The Orlando Magic.

Things that have been around for years and just don’t seem to want to get better. They expect the community around them to accept them for what they are. A work in progress.

And back in February, Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon apparently had enough of it (story HERE). He wants to be traded away from a team that won’t let him become a star because they can’t keep him on a competitive team.

They can’t get past the first round of the playoffs. There is apparently something wrong with the training program there because players seem to sign big contracts and almost immediately get injured. And they are one of the most quietest teams in the league. NBA fans almost forget they’re there until they get bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

And then there is the regular small market problems that lead to the kinds of disrespect we saw when Gordon was robbed of not one slam dunk title. But two.

Then we have to turn our focus to this front office.


I can’t tell you what’s scarier. The Magic never making a big trade. Or the Magic now that Aaron Gordon has forced them to make a big trade. They’ve worked themself into a situation where whatever they get in return is going to look like the short end of the stick.

And listen, if you think I’m coming down to hard on the hometown team. Look at the standings. Look at the record.

They’re 14-28. Losers of their last nine out of ten games.

Aaron Gordon wants to get better. The Magic aren’t giving him that chance here. I wish him luck and hope he gets what he wants.

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