The Masked Singer: America is convinced Nick Lachey is The Piglet

Are you enjoying this season of The Masked Singer so far? I know I am. As far as this blog is concerned between Kermit The Frog and Niecy Nash, it’s been a big win for FOX right now.

But the show continues to have a problem hiding the identities of their celebrities. You only have to look back to last season where winner Leanne Rimes in the Sun Mask was pegged about a month before the finale. And Wendy Williams was ID’d before the second verse of her one and only song.

The Masked Dancer also had that problem with Mackenzie Ziegler also getting guessed weeks in advance.

And now it’s happening once again with The Piglet. America knows it’ Nick Lachey. The evidence is pretty convincing.

First, Lachey has always had a hell of a voice. But this body language also screams 98 Degrees. It’s both ridiculous and endearing because of how much we still enjoyed his last performance.

It also proves Nicole Scherzinger might be sandbagging a little bit because she was a judge on The Sing Off which Lachey hosted years back.

And also because Lachey played this trick before on her.

Social media knows, but they’re also big fans.

What do you think? Entertaining stuff!

We’re having a great time, but it’s past due for show runners to start making these guesses a little more challenging.

See you Wednesday night!

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