The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: We’re not sure how to feel about the new guy

*Warning: The following contains spoilers behind episode 2 of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier*

Great episode of The Falcon And The Winter Solider, as we finally got to see the two title characters come together and fight bad guys.

But the take away is John Walker, the new Captain America.

And show runners treated Captain American like they would The Bachelor.

Basically, they took him to his hometown and then interviewed him on Good Morning America.

Still, John Walker might be the most complicated guy on the show right now.

Many fans have already wrote him off, especially with that “stay out of my way” line towards the end of the episode.

But it felt like they were genuinely trying to get us to like this guy. He’s a a real deal fighter. And he even holds his own during main action sequence on top of the trucks. That was an excellent scene by the way

Do they want us to like this guy? Are we supposed to hate him? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching.

I enjoyed this episode more than the first. We got a little more insight into what’s going on and anytime you can keep Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan together, it’s a throwback to the films. Then we got a Sharon Carter mention which means we’re only getting closer to seeing Emily Van Camp return.

And finally we have Civil War baddie, Zemo, on deck.

It’s a complicated dynamic right now. Still, it’s been really enjoyable and I already can’t wait until next Friday.

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