Wrestlemania: Fans weren’t happy with the ending to the Randy Orton vs. The Fiend match

Night two of Wrestlemania 37 from down the street in Tampa, certainly had it’s share of controversy on Sunday night. With the conclusion to one of the evening’s most anticipated matches frustrating fans with an ending that made very little sense.

It was “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s first match back since being burned alive by Randy Orton, and after things got off to a great start with a spectacular entrance from The Fiend and Orton switching up his ring gear, the abrupt end to what could have been the match of the night, on the biggest stage of them all went out with a chorus of boos.

Alexa Bliss seemed to have cost The Fiend the match after sitting on top of a Jack in the Box with a crown of black blood. It was a neat visual.

But Wyatt lost after one RKO. This is bad because he looked ultra weak. And it appears like this feud is going to stretch on, when it should be coming to a close.

Here is what some of the fans on social media had to say..

This was the second conflict surrounding Orton, Wyatt, and Bliss that ended in controversy. The last match at Fast Lane ended with Bliss straddling Orton for the pin which was a visual many fans weren’t ready for.

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