Call Of Duty Warzone: What happened to me when they nuked Verdansk

The event we’ve been anticipating for months finally happened today. The Destruction Of Verdansk. And despite massive lag-outs and server queues keeping a crazy amount of players on the outside, I was able to get in.

Unfortunately, I had to play random quads (usually, its no-fill quads), but I had a good group of guys and we made it pretty far.

With everything marked out and radiation everywhere, we jumped a little north of TV station. Chaos was everywhere, but we were able to make it a rooftop. There were no load outs to be earned (couldn’t get my riot shield), the loot was junk, and we just had to wait for death.

That’s essentially what this was all about. Waiting for death.

And when you die in this event you become a zombie. But we gave them hell. And we held that rooftop for a good while until we saw what we thought was an exfill point near dam.

There was no evac. My team was eventually killed, but I’m proud of how far we made it. We really did give them hell.

And my last game on Verdansk as we know it was a top 5 effort. If I wasn’t goofing around with the 725, I just might have won my last game.

Overall the experience was positive. But you can only play the destruction game once or twice and then you’re bored. Developers know that which is why the window for this event was so short.

Now we wait. I’m happy for my experiences in Verdansk, it’s been a heck of a 13 month run.

Let’s see what the new map looks like. I’m ready. Are you?

I might see you in Promenade West?

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