WWE “trash” treatment of Mickie James is a terrible example of ungratefulness by tone deaf company

Earlier today, wrestling great, Mickie James posted a photo of her personal belongings she said was sent to her by the WWE, after she was released along with others in the unpopular decision made by the wrestling organization last week. The promotion houses it’s performance center here in Orlando, and used the Amway Center as a temporary home during the pandemic.

James, along with other greats like Lita and Trish Stratus, carried the promotion through an era where the company valued them for their appearance instead of their wrestling skills.

And the WWE continues misusing the division today, breaking up popular tag teams like the IIconics, who were also released last week, and also getting things wrong on the male side as well, with the promotion wandering aimlessly through the wilderness on most broadcasts with segments that make no sense.

That wasn’t the only negative event to take place in women’s wrestling on Thursday. Charlotte Flair called out a member of the wrestling blogosphere for being critical of her looks.

Wrestling new media continues to be as unreliable to fans as the WWE is to their talent.

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