Saturday Night Live: Fans aren’t happy Elon Musk is hosting

Keeping up their reputation for being one of the most sensitive fan bases on television, Saturday Night Live viewers took to social media on Saturday to voice their anger that Elon Musk would be hosting on May 8th with musical guest, Miley Cyrus.

There were a variety of complaints from fans about Musk getting the nod. But not one really clear reason.

The real concern that SNL show runners should have is that Musk could potentially break up their winning streak. After a slow start to the year, hosts like Dan Levy, Daniel Kaluuya, and Nick Jonas have been terrfic recently.

Let’s also hope that Miley Cyrus appears in a skit or two. She’s been great whenever SNL has had her on.

The show will take place on May 8th, airing of course on NBC.

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