Orlando COVID rental assistance is helpful but affordable housing is the true solution

The City Of Orlando will be distributing $7.8 in COVID rental assistance to landlords (story HERE).

It should have been closer to $8.6 but the city is paying a company too much to administer it. Hey. City Of Orlando economics. But that is a post for another day.

The money is needed but it’s a band aid.

Affordable housing is the true disease here. Orlando is terrible at providing it, and really the entire tri-county area as a whole is as well.

Central Florida remains the queen of the southeast when it comes to studio priced at over $1,000 a month (Miami is king with even higher prices). Neither of those are compliments

Coupled with an economy that loves paying $10 an hour or less to their workers, and the mix is toxic.

I still question the resolve of the politicians, not only at the municipal level, but the at the state and federal levels as well, when it comes to solving this problem.

We’ve been talking about this problem for years. And we get 100 units here. Two hundred units there.

Meanwhile developers keep hiking their prices while residents keep getting pushed out of the region. Real estate salesmen and property managers keep taking in thousands and thousands in predatory application fees from families they have no interest in renting to.

And the pandemic has only delayed the response.

Sad how it hasn’t seemed to slow down the number of unaffordable developments that keepn getting built.

It’s good that people will find help with this money.

But the main problem is still there. People can’t afford the rent in Orlando.

This money is a band aid but not a cure. And we can’t forget that.

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