Saturday Night Live goofs on Ron DeSantis and new Florida voter law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis found himself the subject of a Saturday Night Live joke over the weekend, because of a new voter law that he recently signed that has been the subject of controversy.

The joke appeared on The Weekend Update segment at the 1:45 mark below..

Weekend Update co host, Michael Che says the following…

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who played the short bully on a “Christmas Story”, signed new restrictive voting laws that limits the locations of drop boxes and new requirements for voting by mail. Wow! Since when does Florida care so much about the law? Last time I was there I saw a woman lighting fireworks with a crackpipe. Worse gender reveal ever.”

The jab from SNL introduces DeSantis to a group of Florida lawmakers goofed on by the skit show that includes Matt Gaetz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

And for a Governor that appears to be preparing for a 2024 presidential primary, it could be a badge of honor to Republican primary voters.

It was the fourth time in a month DeSantis was featured on national television. The ceremony where he actually signed the bill was aired on FOX news, which was the subject of controversy when other news agencies were not allowed access. He made a second appearance on the cable network on a town hall held here in Florida the week before.

The governor was also the subject of a 60 Minutes package surrounding another controversial arrangement regarding vaccine distribution during the pandemic.

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