Despite blatant tank job, Orlando must hold Magic accountable for terrible season

With one final whimper, the Orlando Magic season came to a pathetic end on Sunday night as the home team fell to Dwight Howard and the Philadelphia 76ers 128-117 on the road. The Magic finish with one of the worst records in the league 30 games under .500.

Of course the front office gave up on this year a long time ago. In an effort to secure they could do a poor job for years to come, they held a fire sale, sending all of their stars elsewhere for some draft picks. They’ve now bought themselves more time to let us all down.

Those draft picks could be valuable. But this leadership team has proven that they can’t build a roster here. Sign a player. The player gets injured. They pay the player more money. The player leaves. We’re suckers.

Now, we’re not going to be blind at the fact that this has been a playoff team the last two years. Even though they were trashed in the first round. But it’s almost like they knew they had painted themselves into a corner and decided to demolish the entire house.

And here we are. Over thirty years without a title. Over a decade without a finals appearance. And no easy answers in sight.

We’re a soft competitive community. We’re not as hard as other markets. The Magic leadership knows this. Nothing will change until we start calling for jobs. Then even unlikely at that point.

What a terrible year. This roster is young I can’t blame them. But I can blame the coaching staff and the decision makers at the personnel level. They made us look bad this year.

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