Bad fan behavior might have NBA players missing Orlando bubble

Over the weekend, Los Angeles Lakers guard, LeBron James, was seen on HBO making fun of Orlando. Saying that he had PTSD from “the bubble” that concluded the season in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic (story HERE) last year. He also said he wouldn’t come to Orlando if traded here.

Right now, I wouldn’t doubt that some of James’ colleagues wouldn’t mind wrapping up the post season in the Disney bubble.

This is because over the past few days, we’ve seen fans throw popcorn on Russell Westbrook (story HERE), throw a bottle of water Kyrie Irving (story HERE), and finally, in a really scary sequence of events, have someone rush the court last night (story HERE).

All of the sudden, staying at a world class Disney resort complete with chefs, state of the art facilities, and 24 hour service doesn’t seem so bad. Does it?

The truth is that NBA fans look terrible right now. We’re acting like we’ve actually been locked up in our houses for the past year, and have no idea on how to behave. We look really bad actually.

The league is already doing what it needs to do. They’re issuing bans and pressing charges. It’s unfortunate because we really should be focusing on these excellent playoffs that we’re seeing unfold before us.

And I’m going to take a few words to circle back on the bubble. LeBron thinks it’s cool to poke fun at the entire situation we had last year.

But the truth is that we actually did a better job protecting players than what other cities are doing right now.

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