Five Questions We Still Have After Watching “A Quiet Place Part II”


A Quiet Place Part II hit theaters over the Memorial Day weekend, and it’s good. You should see it (review HERE).

But there are a lot of questions that we’re left with as soon as those credits roll.

Is this the end of the story?: We get an abrupt ending. A happy ending, but a sudden one. Now that they’ve broadcasted Regan’s earpiece signal on the radio, is this invasion basically over? There might not be a Quiet Place Part III but Hollywood loves trilogies and this movie was still successful despite multiple delays.

Why did Emmett keep his wife’s body? Yeah, she was just sitting there when Marcus rolled up on her in the last 20 minutes. It was a great scare, but you’ve got to think that Emmett had a tougher time then we think.

How is the rest of the world doing? Outside of our small corner of the Northeast, we don’t get any insight on how the rest of the world is doing. Obviously they can’t be doing that well if we haven’t seen any kind of military presence.

What do the rejects want? There was that group of rejects at the dock waiting on Regan and Emmett. Are they as bad as we think they are? They sure looked like it.

Is this story about Marcus and Regan now? While Emily Blunt’s Evelyn had plenty of time, it seemed like this was kind of a baton pass, not unlike her real life Husband, John Krasinki’s death in the first movie.

We don’t know if we’ll ever get an answer to these questions. But we’ve had two solid movies and that is something to celebrate there.

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