Orlando leaders must renew awareness of water safety after accidents on Memorial Day weekend

A 21 year old died in Winter Park late on Memorial Day weekend after an accident at Lake Osceola (story HERE).

This happened less than 48 hours after we lost a paddle boarder who drowned at Lake Barton over the weekend (story HERE).

And if you include the dozens of regular rescues from rip currents made on our beaches that we visited over the weekend, (story HERE) then we need to start recognizing that summer is here and that more education on how dangerous this water can be is needed.

We’re already aware of the dangers posed by swimming. We teach our children to float often before many of them can learn how to run. We regularly issue advisories and warnings before many weekends on the news.

But even the more experienced of us need to recognize the threats posed by the water.

And it might be time to increase enforcement of the safety rules on our bodies of water as well.

Our urgency here should be because many of these accidents are preventable. We just need to be a little more careful.

We think we can handle it. We often cannot. Even the strongest of us.

Let’s urge our local leaders to get behind a campaign to increase swimming safety near our bodies of water. We’ve got a campaign for everything else.

Here we are seeing a clear need for more information and more action. If we work harder and work together, we can prevent anymore tragedies from occurring during a time when we should be enjoying each other’s company after a pandemic.

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