Orlando must again focus on both hurricane season and pandemic recovery

It’s the first day of hurricane season and once again, Orlando residents will have to do even more to keep themselves safe this year. In addition to stocking up for hurricane season, we’ll also have to focus on continuing the recovery of the COVID 19 pandemic.

We’re going in the right direction with the pandemic. Numbers are down. We’re shutting down vaccination stations. It appears that everyone who wants the shot, has gotten it, and we’re taking off masks everywhere we go. But the fight isn’t over.

And we have to rebuild after this pandemic too. Our economy is off and problems involving low wages and lack of affordable housing have just rolled right back into the fold. It’s not fair. But it’s true.

But hurricane season waits for no one. The tropics have already started humming. And it won’t be long before they’re lobbing systems at us.

We need the usuals. Water. Batteries. Food. Fu… Okay. Fuel but not in the panic buying fashion that we saw last month during the pipeline hack.

The good news is that we Floridians are trained for this kind of thing. We know the drill. We’ve got the tax holidays. And we know how to use them.

But we’ve got to keep an eye on both of these matters. It always seems like there are so many challenges. And sometimes there are. But with a pandemic and a hurricane, these are the challenges that find us and we have to rise.

And as usual, I have no doubt that we will

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