Here is how Nikki Fried and Ron DeSantis actually helped each other on TV last night

Congratulations to Nikki Fried for a pretty successful campaign launch on Tuesday. From a well received video, to trending nationally on Twitter, concluding with a prime time interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC, she looked energetic and modern than her primary foe, Charlie Crist. And she looked like an interesting alternative to Governor Ron DeSantis next November.

And DeSantis actually gave her a little help, while promoting his own presidential aspirations.

The Governor signed his controversial sports bill that prevents transgender youths from participating in unauthorized competition. This happened on the first day of Pride month.

For Fried, as she launched her campaign, it was an extra talking point to an LGBTQ community that votes in gubernatorial primaries.

For DeSantis, it was a prime time appearance on Tucker Carlson in front of Florida seniors that would typically lean his way for reelection, more importantly and to a nationwide audience that votes in presidential primaries, like the one we’ll see in 2024.

The only person left on the outside of this play was Charlie Crist.

And this might not be the last time we see this political feng shui played out between DeSantis and Fried.

Fried is looking at Charlie Crist, but using DeSantis as a vehicle for earned media helping her campaign out in the process. Crist is still the clear favorite, but he’s been beaten by a younger and more “buzzworthy” candidate before. Ask Marco Rubio.

DeSantis is looking past Fried and to 2024, using her attacks as a badge of honor until it’s time to maximize his voter turnout to get elected. Then he’ll have to decide if he wants to move towards the center or use brute force conservatism with reliable voters that have gone his way before, and also earned victories for Rick Scott in his gubernatorial campaigns.

Fascinating political theater between the two. And we’re just getting started.

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