More answers are needed after kids, 14 and 12, opened fire on deputies in Volusia County

Last night, in a disturbing sequence of events in the community of Enterprise in rural Volusia County, a 14 year old girl and a 12 year old boy, broke into a home, found a cache of weapons and got into a shoot out with law enforcement officers. After an extended period of time, officers finally wounded the 14 year old who was using an AK-47 (story HERE).

How did we get here?

If you’re trying to find out who that question is addressed to, the answer is everyone. While law enforcement has released body cam video and has been descriptive on the disturbing incident, we need to find out what exactly caused these two children to believe this was okay.

Juvenile justice comes to mind here. The girl had a history of troubles and whatever rehabilitation measures that were being taken obviously weren’t effective. And as for the boy, what was being done to prevent his life from continuing to go in the wrong direction?

We need an investigation and a review. We need answers.

Unfortunately, we have short memories here in Orlando. And while this story is dominating the news cycle right now, there will once again be no one looking out for these kids in a few days.

Maybe that is the problem right there. No one really cares.

And that has to change if we’re serious about avoiding these kinds of tragedies from occurring again. We need leaders who will seek answers and develop solutions to ensure we’re doing right by our youth, and helping them rebuild their futures.

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