Ron DeSantis opening salvo on Nikki Fried was fierce but worse for Charlie Crist

“You know, Nikki Fried has done nothing in office. She does nothing. All she does is emote on social media. Signal to small dollar donors in California and New York. She put her face, she spent millions of dollars, to put her face on every gas pump across this state, purely to boost her own image, at your expense as the tax payer. She’s a lockdown lobbyist. She would have had our students locked out of school for the year. She would have had this business shuttered for the whole year. They would be out of business if Fried were governor. She’s opposed us at every turn. All of the good stuff we’ve done for Florida. She opposes it. And I’ve done more in my first week as Governor as she has done during her entire time as Comissioner of Agriculture.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fired back at Nikki Fried on Wednesday with those words and it was the real Ron. This governor doesn’t exercise the restraint a lot of other politicians exercise. You go after him, he’ll go after you and this had been building up for some time after months of sniping from his potential opponent.

These were powerful words that offered insight into what DeSantis’ message would be against one of his own cabinet members. And Fried’s campaign needs to analyze and prepare to hear it again.

It was a good look for DeSantis. He wants seniors awake and his base activated. This is exactly what they want to hear.

This is good for Fried too. She’s establishing herself as the general election opponent of DeSantis’. Former Governor and her primary opponent Charlie Crist won’t like that. It’s been a pretty quiet environment from his team since she jumped in on Tuesday.

And it’s continuing this symbiotic connection between the governor and Fried.

Great drama. This is going to be a fun race.

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