News laws are good, but unproven ways to help Florida veterans

On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law three measures that should make employment easier for veterans. Thank you to him and all of our lawmakers that supported the legislation (story HERE).

But it bothers me when I hear agency officials call Florida the best state for veterans.

This is because many times it’s just a lot of chest thumping to protect their cushy jobs. If they were respectful, they would understand that Florida still ranks too high for veterans suicides. And that veterans, especially here in Orlando, struggle with low wages, and finding affordable housing.

Heck, I can’t even seen an eye doctor right now.

The truth is that when many of those law are enacted, they fall down a well and disappear. They don’t make finding a job any easier. We don’t see the mechanism of veterans preference taking place. And we certainly don’t see our paystubs looking any stronger or our job searches getting any easier.

What we need are measures we can see being effective. How about a reporting system for agencies that tout putting veterans to work but fail to actually do so? How about some accountability when medical facilities can’t see soldiers within 72 hours?

How about some general accountability?

We celebrate these measures but the only people that have reason to celebrate are the administrators of these programs that will see more money come their way.

There are a lot of veterans that don’t even know those bills were signed into law and they never will.

They only recognize that Florida can’t be the best state in the nation. Not the way we’re being treated right now.

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