Next Orlando Magic Coach must be a proven winner, young players and fans deserve it

On Saturday afternoon, the Orlando Magic announced that they have parted ways with former coach Steve Clifford (story HERE).

While it’s a sad occasion when anyone loses their job, especially here, where by all accounts Steve Clifford seemed to be a decent guy, there had to be accountability. Accountability is what’s needed when our team finishes dozens of games below .500.

The statement said that the parting of ways was because the “timelines” didn’t match up. Well, the team blew itself up in the early spring by trading Evan Fournier, Aaron Gordon, and Nikola Vucevic.

Maybe that’s when this rift started.

It’s quite possible that when the front office pulled the trigger on those trades, they already knew that Clifford wasn’t their guy. This is why they were stockpiling picks.

They are going to go through a rebuild. And either Clifford doesn’t want to be the rebuilder or they don’t want him to lead the rebuild. Either way, we’re once again looking for a coach.

And message to that front office that has never delivered us a championship in our 30 year history.

That next coach had better be a big name and a proven winner.

We don’t want an artsy, cool insider pick, from a marginal team. We want a champion.

This town is tired of losing. And we’re building a big entertainment complex for you guys. We want a winning team playing across from it.

You guys have become complacent with spending our money. And you guys have become complacent with losing.

Give us a reason to cheer. Do your jobs. Or you can go too.

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