Orlando special interests are prepared for their post pandemic pounce

As Orange County lifted it’s emergency restrictions yesterday (post HERE), the announcement also served as a starting pistol for the special interests that feed off of Orlando to continue their operations.

Big tourism. Billion dollar theme parks and do-nothing tourism agencies that use your tax dollars to promote themselves and fill their pockets. They also use the tourism development tax gathered from hotel room night stays which are carved out exclusively for them and not allowed to be used on anything else.

Property management predators, and developers that are dead set on building high stacked, low quality, housing in environmentally sensitive areas that aren’t even built for the growth. And then charging $1,400 for a studio. That’s not an exaggeration. Orlando affordable housing has been the worst in the nation for years.

And the rest of the Orlando lobbying corp, who puts ridiculous ideas in the heads of your elected officials and influences them to believe that spending millions on projects that only help the few is actually a good idea.

They’re all back. If they ever really left to begin with.

Their power stems from the checkbook. They fuel the reelection campaigns of lawmakers that do their bidding and allow them to feed off of us.

The best defense remains an educated and involved public. Read your newspapers. Watch your local news broadcasts.

And of course, don’t be afraid to get involved. Show up to council meetings. Call your elected officials and make sure they know your name.

When citizens band together and occasionally beat these clowns at their own game, it’s an absolute joy to watch.

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