How Nikki Fried sabotaged her own biggest weapon against Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist

Yesterday, the hometown paper, on the strength of some exceptional reporting discovered some serious potential conflicts of interest involving Commissioner Of Agriculture and gubernatorial candidate, Nikki Fried, and the marijuana industry she’s championed (story HERE).

It’s not the end of the road for the Fried campaign. Hardly. But it’s an unforced error that takes away one of Fried’s most potent attacks to throw at Governor Ron DeSantis and her primary opponent former Governor Charlie Crist.

That’s the word “corrupt”.

Fried has been slinging the word around for some time now, and it fit nicely into her opening campaign message. It minimized her lack of experience when compared to her rivals and the hard to find accomplishments on her record. That doesn’t matter when the other guys can’t be trusted.

But you can’t call your opponents corrupt when you haven’t been disclosing some substantial investments on some Pineapple Express. You just can’t.

This stuff should have been discussed before she ever filed to run. And her fiancee needs to also understand, that he’s hurting Nikki right now. What’s going on here?

We know Ron DeSantis is going to use this. He’ll put it in his back pocket until it’s needed.

But Charlie Crist is also a winner here. When does he mention this?

This is a mark against Fried’s electability. If she gets a few more of these, voters will start to look elsewhere. It might be Crist. It might be someone else.

We’ll see what the Fried campaign will do next. They had a promising launch. On the national stage she’s the “cool” pick to run side by side with senate candidate, Val Demings, next year.

But if she keeps making errors like this, who knows where this campaign will be next year?

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