Orange County Commissioners should squash community beef with urban chickens

Apparently, in a desperate search for a nemesis in Orange County, some residents are pushing county commissioners to consider harsher requirements for keeping backyard chickens on residential property, after municipalities all over Central Florida have successfully implemented similar programs (story HERE).

You see, after missing the first few discussions on the subject, critics have surfaced to oppose the measure. They act as if these simple farm animals are harbingers of the apocalypse that will lead to the destruction of their community.

They’re wrong. Of course they’re wrong.

Backyard chickens have demonstrated that they’re true custodians for sustainability. As we continue to slam and stack dense non affordable housing into every corner of our community, it’s important that measures like these are allowed to move forward.

If only the chickens had a lobbyist. County Commissioners would have already approved a measure and would probably be using incentive dollars to lure more chickens to the area. A chicken lobbyist. That’s a funny visual.

We should welcome the debate. It’s a sign of an active and engaged community.

But, I’ll offer this. If we don’t have to get permission from our neighbors for cats and dogs, who can be every bit as annoying as a chicken, with their pooping in your grass and barking in your general direction, then why should we have to get their permission for a couple of chickens?

We want to be champions of sustainability and green space so bad, but we don’t want to make it easier for our residents to “walk the walk”.

Let’s change that. Let’s develop an ordinance that is chicken friendly and encourages our neighbors to foster a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

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