“Raiders Of The Lost Ark” continues to be a Father’s Day favorite movie on it’s 40th anniversary

Every year around this time, the Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford classic, “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” slips back into theaters as an available throwback favorite for Father’s Day. This is the case, even as the film turns 40 years old and most dads are my age, who themselves were just toddlers when the movie came out.

Still, Indiana Jones remains one of the most legendary heroes in the history of cinema, with his iconic fedora and legendary whip, racing the Nazis to historic relics that could tip the scales of power in their favor.

And Raiders Of The Lost Ark has aged fairly well, even in the hyper sensitive pop culture climate we live in now. Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood declared herself Jone’s partner not long after we meet her and wasn’t strictly a damsel in distress. While she does get herself into trouble in the movie, so does Indy, and it’s a true team we’re seeing here. And decades later, Nazis are still some of the most evil people to walk the planet.

Spielberg’s direction is action the way it should always be. Real. There was even the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular that ruled one of Disney’s park for a long stay in Orlando where I write this blog, showcasing the choreographed fights and even the giant boulder sequence.

“Raiders” is actually in theaters already celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, but you can expect it to hang around until Father’s Day too. Here in Orlando, there is usually a place to catch it on the big screen and experience that wonderful John Williams score in all of it’s glory.

I can hear it in my head already.

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