Hey Daytona Beach, Orlando will take your truck show and all of the revenue that comes with it

Really, I’ve got a lot of love for Daytona Beach. So, it pains me to see them making bad decisions like this.

Apparently, because they’re unhappy with the noise (story HERE). They’re actually going to discuss getting rid of one of the largest truck meet-ups in the world.

And turning away all of the revenue that flows into it’s community as well.

It’s shocking because this town is acting like they’ve never heard noise and parties before.

They’re acting like they don’t host the Daytona 500, Bike Week, or Spring Break every year.

Well, goodness, if they don’t want it, we’ll welcome that truck rally here to Orlando. Bring your wallets.

We have the Central Florida Fairgrounds. We have the convention district. Heck, they could take it to the Geneva area in Seminole County and have a complete run of the place, and still make it downtown in 20 minutes.

And they could also enjoy our hotels, where we collect our lucrative Tourism Development Tax dollars (even though Orlando’s elected leaders will just spend it on their buddies like they always do).

I would have to ask all of the critics of this truck rally before they throw it away “Where have you been? And why now?”.

Why did this all of the sudden become “the line” where you start turning people away from “The World’s Most Famous Beach”? This is a horrible break from tradition.

We should urge residents of Daytona Beach that appreciate what these visitors do for their communities and try to keep this truck show.

If not, all of those visitors (and their money) is welcome here in Orlando.

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