New chicken joint could make bad Winter Park traffic conditions worse

Yay! Another chicken restaurant! That’s not sarcasm. As long as they’re taking care of their workers and the product is good, bring them all on.

But the new “Chicken Guy” restaurant which is expected to open on 17-92 off of Fairbanks in Winter Park, is going to make that already awful traffic situation worse.

Bad traffic and Winter Park have become synonymous in the modern era. They’ve stacked too many business along that corridor stretching all the way back to Lee Rd on 17-92 and Winter Park Village, to I4 and Rollins College each way on Fairbanks. It’s bad.

But developers, who could care less about the experience of Winter Park residents or commuters that have to travel through there each day, have no problem cramming as many businesses on that street as possible.

Heck, some of them are still trying to build hotels along that way.

Getting down to the actual location of the new place. It’s actually the third chicken place in less than 100 yards of a Popeyes and a Chik-Fil-A, both which stay busy, and across the street from a Publix (also good chicken) parking lot that is already full of hustling drivers trying to use the back ways to escape from the area.

Winter Park traffic is no joke. It never has been.

This isn’t the new place’s fault. Certainly not. They already have one place in Orlando and I’ll be one of their new customers in Winter Park.

But, best believe I’ll be hitting the place at off peak hours when it won’t take me through a traffic test of sanity.

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