The Bachelorette: Suspension of belief over stardom may be next tradition to go

Everyone that has ever gone on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, has gone on our beloved shows to find love. And only love. That is the only reason.

And if you believe that, bless your heart.

The truth is that this franchise and it’s tremendously involved and influential fan base of social media users and disposable income holders, can launch a new life for the right person. It can create stars.

Heck, look at Hannah Brown, who’s been on almost every show ABC is broadcasting at the moment.

Look at Tayshia Adams, who landed some kind of deal selling Hyundais.

And finally her co host, Kaitlyn Bristow, who won the last season of Dancing With The Stars and has a lot of other things going on.

And we haven’t even touched on the other dozen or so stars who have jumped on the bubble to semi-stardom. Or the even longer list of former show contestants who have parlayed their 15 minutes into other opportunities.

Which is why, it’s tough to sympathize with Katie and her problems accepting the fact that the men who are on her season are only there to marry her.

Especially since she earned her spot this season as a voice of fairness and empowerment from last season’s Matt James’ fiasco.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette are changing some things around. Chris Harrison is gone. More changes are likely coming.

And a show where love isn’t necessarily the most important thing might be next. As we become more aware as a TV audience, show runners have to realize that.

How they adjust will be the real question.

Maybe this franchise is now about just finding someone special who could do big things as your successor. Big things with this awesome platform. That’s a possibility.

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