Val Demings and Marco Rubio can’t wait to tear each other apart in “most expensive” senate race

Did you hear? The contest next year between Val Demings and Marco Rubio in next year’s senate contest could be one of the most expensive races of it’s kind ever held, with costs pushing over a quarter of a billion dollars (story HERE).

And most of it is going to go towards attack ads between two candidates that really enjoy “the fight”.

We’ll start with the former Orlando Police Chief, who found her fire in 2016, after a timid and overcoached candidate lost in 2012 to her colleague, Daniel Webster. That year, in a competitive primary here in Orlando, she projected with an intensity and anger while speaking. She was always on offense. And through the Trump impeachment hearings and through the VP buzz, she hasn’t pulled up. Fire and anger is what gets it done for “Chief”.

As for Rubio, I think he just gets bored at this point and prefers a fight. He goes looking for conflict by teasing college football rivals and provoking trolls on Twitter. Besides another run for the White House, I think his real enemy is another dull reelection contest which just leads him to another term in the senate, likely in the minority. He wants this fight. That’s why he responded to Chief’s first diss less than three hours after it was released, with a cellphone video.

Honestly, I believe these two are looking forward to a “scorched earth” campaign in the Sunshine State.

“Choosing Violence” is where they have found success. Where they have found excitement. And I don’t’ think they’re scared of each other in the slightest bit to change their ways now.

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