As NBA coaching market heats up, Orlando Magic vacancy will get tougher to fill

Stan Van Gundy out in New Orleans.

Scott Brooks out in Washington.

And we’ve still got openings in Portland, Indiana, and Boston.

Quality coaching prospects have options. And when you look at those other markets that already have some winning pieces in place, the Orlando Magic job only looks tougher to fill.

Here in Orlando, we traded away all of our stars. We’ve got a bunch of picks. But it’s unlikely those picks will be Damian Lillard or Russell Westbrook. Some of those other teams are ready to win now.

Orlando is not. We might have an advantage when we talk about job longevity. A coach that comes here might have a longer timeline to work with than a job in those other markets.

But the next Magic coach needs to insist on a culture change (story HERE), we can’t stop losing until the Magic organization decides that they want to stop losing.

While we are here, we also need to talk about the Orlando Magic interviewing Stan Van Gundy. It’s a conversation that needs to happen. He’s right down the street. Magic leaders need to at least hear what his vision would be for where we’re at, and maybe learn from his input on how to implement this culture change.

But as the NBA post season continues, we’ve already had LeBron diss us on HBO, a coach dismissed, and the search for a new coach go into overdrive as the league continues to recover from a pandemic.

It’s an exciting time to be an Orlando Magic fan.

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