UCF should be transparent on how it spends Mackenzie Scott $40M gift

In her continued demonstration of financial generosity, Mackenzie Scott, has gifted the University Of Central Florida $40 million dollars. It’s largest gift ever (story HERE).

In it’s announcement, UCF leaders seemed to go out of it’s way to say it was “unrestricted”.

That makes me nervous. This is because unrestricted could means this money ends up in the pockets of school administrators instead of what it’s meant for. Helping our community get an education.

Now, the report says vaguely the money will invest in scholarships and endowments, but we don’t know how much. We deserve more.

The community deserves a line by line expenditure report on how this money is going to be spent. Including how much of the $40 million dollars is actually going to get back to the students.

I don’t think that’s asking too much.

Why? Because this school has misspent millions of dollars before, and people got in trouble (story HERE).

The administration hasn’t built back it’s trust yet. Not as students in our community continue to struggle with the costs of going to school there.

Every time I write a post like this, either someone from that administration or an alumnist gets cranky.

You can get cranky. And if you’re right, you should have no problem explaining how this money is going to be spent on students, instead of more money for people that don’t need it.

This is a happy occasion. I mean, it’s a $40 million dollar gift.

A detailed spending report will provide transparency and give everyone peace of mind of the good things to come.

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