Orlando Rolon deserves great opportunities, but should have kept job search private

I like Orlando Police Chief, Orlando Rolon. He’s done a strong job during what has been the toughest time in the modern era to lead a law enforcement agency in Central Florida, where every single move is scrutinized.

And that’s why I was disappointed when I found out he wanted to leave.

This is a bad look because we know he doesn’t necessarily want to be here. Or let’s rephrase that. There are other place he would rather be.

Well, it was Ft. Lauderdale’s fault.

Heck yeah it was. But this is why we have blocks on applications that don’t grant permission to talk for former employers. We’re his employers.

And this creates problems for him and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who are now fielding questions about the Rolon’s future, instead of this successful Fentanyl crackdown recently carried out by the department. 53 dealers off of the street (story HERE). That’s a great success.

One more chip in his favor. All of the recent Orlando Police Chiefs have also tried to jump on to more favorable career moves.

John Mina is now Orange County Sheriff.

Paul Rooney took a private security job at Valencia.

Val Demings, the first woman to lead the agency, is now a member of Congress and is running for senate.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with looking for another job. Heck, all of us have probably done it. It just has to be kept private.

But now, the public is going to think that his mind isn’t here, and that’s unfortunate.

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