Traffic on Lake Mary Boulevard has been ruined, possibly for good

The Lake Mary/Heathrow area might very well be the jewel of Seminole County. And if you can swing the ridiculous cost of living there and the lousy topic we’re discussing today, I can’t recommend it enough.

But traffic on Lake Mary Boulevard is now slammed during your awake hours. We are seeing a mean bottleneck of traffic going on and off of I4 that leads to cars, three wide, rolling all the way down to the Sunrail station. That wouldn’t be such a big deal if Lake Mary boulevard wasn’t essentially the hub of retail, restaurants and lodging for the area. Unless, you’re fortunate enough to be doing business on the other side of I4, then you’re in for a tough drive.

This is due to the same reason we’re seeing traffic conditions worsen in other areas like Winter Park, West Orange County, and Altamonte Springs.

We don’t know when to stop building.

The area continues to stack more commercial lots on green spaces, and while we’re seeing some single family housing, we’re also seeing more condos stand up in the area.

Are you kidding me? Uncontrolled growth of condos in Lake Mary? Wouldn’t believe you if you told me that a decade ago. They could try to clear the middle of the road, eliminating the originally well intentioned tree islands but that won’t be cheap. It’s bad situation.

And don’t worry, Heathrow, they’ll be coming for you too here shortly. And before you know it, International Parkway will go from a scenic drive featuring well paying jobs, to just another choke point off of the Towne Center to try to get on I4.

Great work, everybody.

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