Orlando businesses shouldn’t be in a hurry to take down pandemic plexiglass

The pandemic took a lot from us. And we had to adapt and overcome almost every aspect of our daily lives that was challenged by the virus.

Now, as Orlando begins removing pandemic era restrictions, (story HERE) and the masks start coming off, there is one dimension of preventive measures that I wouldn’t mind sticking around.

That’s the plexiglass we see at business. Orlando businesses should consider keeping those up.

This is because we’ve become so used to it, we probably don’t even see it anymore. I know I don’t.

And it provides a little more security for service providers. That plexiglass establishes boundaries that are often best left in place between themselves and the customers.

You might also have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t appreciated what it’s done for food service.

We don’t want people breathing and sneezing on our food while waiting in line. And after we learned about the aerosol nature of how we talk, I don’t want your “snot crystals” (made that up) landing on my food.

The case to bring them down is certainly a strong one. I’m don’t feel too emotionally strong about this either way. Go ahead if you want.

You probably have your favorite cashiers just like I do at the grocery store or Starbucks. It might be nice to be able to speak to them like you’re not in prison. Stores that are taking these measures are truly trying to make things like they were before everyone got sick.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Just don’t be in a rush to do it. Some designs of the COVID era still have a place in Orlando.

And a reminder. Get vaccinated, if you haven’t.

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