Orlando Magic fans should be rooting for a Phoenix vs. Milwaukee finals

Fans of mid market teams unite! That’s the quick bullet point if you’re looking for a fast read.

But for my Orlando Magic fans, or fans of the Bucks and Suns that just can’t seem to get enough of their surging teams right now, that really is the point of this entire post. We need to see a Phoenix vs. Milwaukee finals.

Mostly because a lot of people don’t want to see it. The league is hoping to see a Clippers vs. Sixers showdown. They want that lucrative Los Angeles market involved, even if it is that other team. And Philly fans are typically good or championship games because they’re all insane.

You could actually bet that the suits at the NBA and ironically at ABC, which is owned by Disney (Magic fans, check out our jerseys) are actually be disappointed if an LA team, or a squad from New York or Chicago doesn’t make it. I’m sure they would be absolutely hyped to see Atlanta at this point.

But it’s that philosophy that shortchanges a lot of the other teams in the league. We should be psyched at the possibility of any competitive finals. It shouldn’t matter if it’s a New York super team or a team of young players from Orlando.

By the way, Orlando isn’t that small. We’re a top 20 markets. TV doesn’t like us because we can’t pull stars. And we can’t pull stars because of our front office. But that’s a conversation for another time.

For now. We’re all Bucks or Suns fans.

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