Seminole County should swiftly raise impact fees on industries that have had it easy too long

Seminole County is considering how to go about raising impact fees. These are charges issued on entities that want to build something in the area (story HERE).

The answer is swiftly and without remorse.

Before we get too critical. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Seminole Count is currently the best place in the tri-county area to live. And gratefully, they’re discussing these charges before their residents have to pick up to the tab for wealthy developers, who want to slam and cram their neighborhoods into oblivion. Osceola County and Orange County have done or is currently attempting to do just that.

And the truth is that when you look at the current fees, they’re almost laughable.

These are Monopoly money game prices (list HERE).

There are appetizers at local restaurants that cost more than some of these fees.

Now, listen. None of us like to raise fees. Opportunistic political foes will lie and call them taxes. I can understand approaching carefully.

But to those critics, I ask should these laughable prices stay, while hardworking families pick up the tab for corporations that don’t even live here?

We all know the answer to that.

Let’s raise those impact fees and make it easier for the kids to continue doing great things here in the future. Don’t leave them with the situation we’re seeing in Osceola County or Dr. Phillips, where we didn’t plan well enough and the developers didn’t care otherwise.

Now is the time to do this correctly. And we shouldn’t even flinch when we do it. Our cautious philosophies of community growth have granted us that flexibility.

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