Residents need to pay attention to what’s going on at Osceola Regional Medical Center

Some disturbing news out of Osceola County Regional Center today, with their very own nurses protesting staffing shortages (story HERE).

Employees are saying they’ve seen hundreds of staff leave during the pandemic, and we’re hearing of 12 hour shifts with no break.

Now, this is wrong for multiple reasons.

Our medical heroes, who have weathered a global pandemic losing many of their own along the way, shouldn’t have to deal with these kinds of challenges. They’ve earned, many times over, the resources they need to take care of our loved ones.

Let’s read the last few words again. “Our loved ones”.

Osceola residents need to be concerned by what they’re hearing, because if I have a loved one that needs medical care, I sure as hell don’t want a worn out, short staffed crew tending to them on zero rest.

This is unacceptable.

You know, I come from a family of nurses. Right here in Central Florida. And I remember them coming home from long shifts at hospitals and clinics, only to have to prepare meals and help with homework. The smell of scrubs and medical supplies dominant in our homes.

And in our community, especially in Osceola County where living conditions are overpriced as is, it pains me to see them having to take their message to the street like this. It never should have gotten this far.

Those in charge of staffing that center should be ashamed of themselves.

And this is also a safety issue. If you have someone staying in that facility, you should be demanding that the well paid administrators stop being cheap, and make sure they give our heroes what they need to do the job right. Immediately.

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