Ron DeSantis probably shouldn’t have beat Donald Trump in that straw poll

Congratulations and condolences to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and his straw poll victory over the weekend that made news in front of conservative audiences nationwide (story HERE).

Congratulations because all of his tactics of enforcing a Trump philosophy here in Florida appear to be working. He’s sending law enforcement officers to the border. He’s charging after “big tech”. He’s putting seniors ahead whenever possible. He’s very aware of who his possible voters would be in a potential 2024 Presidential primary, and who they’ll be next year when he’s up for reelection.

But condolences because maybe he would have preferred a second place finish.

Former President Donald Trump, a Florida resident, has indicated that he could run again in 2024. What does he think about losing to the Governor in a straw poll, and taking a back seat in the headlines for once?

What’s going to happen if he starts seeing DeSantis as a rival?

Trump essentially got the governor elected with one tweet. We know he’s ruthless. We know he’ll turn on allies, we’ve seen him do it plenty of times. If DeSantis gets too powerful among his voters, Trump could decide it’s necessary to slow him down.

You look at the issues aspect of that poll as well. Immigration, religious freedom, and elections integrity, angles that DeSantis has been laser focused on, were all polling big (link HERE). He is playing the game very strongly right now.

Missing from the buzz over the weekend? Florida’s senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, who haven’t completely ruled out a run for the White House themselves. Unless they got some “Other: Please specify” votes, they might need to step it up.

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