Early returns on Orlando Magic fire sale won’t woo head coaching prospects

During the NBA Draft lottery on Tuesday night, the Orlando Magic secured the #5 and #8 overall picks, after trading their nucleus of stars this past season, apparently giving up on the present to push forward into the future.

It was a gamble that could have made our ongoing search for a new head coach easier had it been a top three pull. But with a #5 and an #8, that’s now unclear.

Sadly, we have what will certainly be viewed by potential coaching hires as a young, injury prone roster, that will be looking for a payday if our hopeless front office decides to keep them.

Now, let’s not go entirely negative. These are still two top ten picks. The right coach, with the right kind of vision, given the right kind of resources, could do quite a lot with that.

But given the fact that some of the top prospects on the board like Becky Hammon and Chauncey Billups could get picked up elsewhere soon, none of us can be sure who that will be.

And our culture flaws will continue. The front office will continue to pretend everything is okay, and hope that our culture of losing will allow them to continue making bad decisions while another dreadful season goes unnoticed.

It’s almost too exhausting to think about.

Those trades are really starting to sting too. We need this bad luck of the draw to end.

Or it’s looking like this rebuild will go on about as long as the Ultimate I4 project.

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