$90 Million to Sunrail and Lynx means we shouldn’t raise transportation taxes next year

On Tuesday, it was announced that Orange County would be getting more than $400 million in Coronavirus relief as part of the American Rescue Plan (story HERE).

Well, thank you.

And $90 million for LYNX and Sunrail.

record scratch… What?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I don’t like the fact that you have to own a car in Orlando. For all of our strides to be a major city, our local leaders have fumbled public transportation so bad.

And you also know, that I don’t think their mistakes is something we should have to pay for.

I say this because it’s possible Orange County will once again begin an initiative for the penny sales tax to subsidize public transportation in the region next year.

There are plenty of reasons I oppose that tax (you can read about those HERE).

But it’s also because LYNX has been bad. It’s been bad for 30 years. I know because I’ve been here for it. And it hasn’t gotten better.

Sunrail is fine. If you can get to it.

It’s still just a spine. And we can’t afford to live near the stations (story HERE).

Now, they haven’t done well with the money we’ve given them. And they’re about to get $90 million more. Why do they also need to levy a tax against us? When is enough, enough?

This $90 million is just going to end up in some overpaid suit’s pocket. You would almost rather watch it go somewhere else.

But it’s coming. And that means next year, Orlando politicians shouldn’t be asking us for more of it.

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