As new movie opens, “Fast And Furious” culture can’t fuel Orlando street racing problems

The Fast And Furious franchise is one of my favorites. Over the last 20 years, I’ve will have watched all 9 of them during their original theatrical releases and “F9” will be no different. You’ll actually be able to read a review of the film by this time tomorrow on this very blog.

But as this new film hits theaters here in Orlando this weekend, it arrives during a time when we’re fighting a street racing problem in our very own community and this behavior has taken innocent lives.

Normally, we shouldn’t be a culture that blames consumption of movies and video games on our real life problems. Many of us were around during the Grand Theft Auto days when Washington was blaming street violence on the controversial series. We all knew better.

The problem here is that the “Fast And Furious” culture doesn’t focus on hurting others. It glories fast cars, beautiful people, and a glamorous lifestyle. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, that’s the disconnect that allows the real life problems to take root. Our young people know better than to commit the wild violence they see in video games. They don’t know better than to fly down I4 in their easy-to-acquire Honda Civics and lose control, potentially harming themselves or someone else in the process. And it’s not confined to young people either. Some professionals that have come across some money are just as bad.

While we’re enjoying the movie, we should all keep this in mind. It’s okay on the big screen. It’s not okay on our streets here in Central Florida.

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