Movie Review: “F9” keeps the eye rolling but ridiculous fun of the franchise going

Hopefully, you’ve realized that the laws of physics and common sense in the Fast And The Furious franchise checked out a long time ago, if they were ever really in place at all.

But even after 20 years, we’ve learned to love the silliness of it all. And while “F9” bends our suspension of belief to a record level, I’ll be dammed that if we’re still not satisfied when the credits roll.

Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodgriguez, and even Jordana Brewster are the original cast members returning, with only the late Paul Walker missing (and still dearly missed), as they try to stop Diesel’s long lost brother, played by John Cena, from destroying the world with another super weapon which seem to just float around everywhere in this mythology. There are some other franchise favorites around as well as we go through the famliar globe-trotting action we’ve done several times already.

But it you can manage to once again remind yourself that this is essentially a sci-fi/fantasy franchise at this point, then you’ll have fun again.

Director Justin Lin understands what gets us through the door, and that is the first class action involving almost any kind of vehicle you can think of. It’s also this belief of family that has been fostered by Diesel and Walker through the years. We actually care about these characters. And there are moments and attention to detail to those fans which really pay off here.

It is really silly at times though. The indestructible people and wild stunts are cringe-worthy. Character behavior is more unrealistic than ever. And your eyes might get tired with all of the rolling their going to do.

But if you’re a loyalist to the franchise like I am. It’s been a great 20 years and you should still enjoy where we’re at with it.

And we’ll all be here for the next one too.


F9: The Fast Saga


Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 2 hours 25 minutes

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