Support for critically wounded Daytona Beach Officer shows most of us still care about good police

It’s not an easy time to be a police officer in Central Florida. Misbehavior by bad cops around the nation have the men and women protecting us, under more scrutiny than ever, as Twitter agitators try to garner “likes” by automatically assuming the police officer is at fault during every altercation that breaks on social media.

But as tragedy struck Daytona Beach on Wednesday night, the community rallied around 26 year old, officer Jason Raynor, after he was shot by 29 year old Othal Wallace (story HERE). Wallace is still at large.

It still means something to be a good police officer in Central Florida. And despite what we hear, most of our neighbors in law enforcement, who come from all walks of life, are decent people.

Don’t let this post be an “all clear” on the fact that we still need community policing reform. We still need more education and transparency from our law enforcement officials, on how our interactions with police during traffic stops should be conducted. And what to do if we believe something is wrong.

But we can’t let politics obstruct compassion. And I’m happy to see Daytona Beach is rallying to care for one of their own.

The day Orlando lost two officers, Debra Clayton and Norm Lewis, over four years ago, was terribly painful. We can’t forget them.

You can appreciate good police and push for better policing. They are not mutually exclusive. And I’m glad Daytona Beach is keeping that in perspective as well.

Let’s all keep the families of Jason Raynor and the entire Daytona Beach community in our thoughts as we move into the weekend. We’re still neighbors. It’s important we remember that

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