Surfside tragedy should prompt immediate inspections of Orlando condos

All of us woke on Thursday morning to the horror of the building collapse that took place in Surfside, that at the time of this posting, has killed four with over 100 still missing. My prayers are with all of our neighbors to the south who are mourning this terrible tragedy.

Naturally, we’re all asking questions. Mostly, “how did this happen?”. And while we’re all trying to figure this out, we have to take care of business here in Orlando.

That means we need to inspect all of our larger condominiums immediately.

Now, this isn’t meant to inspire panic. But we owe it to everyone that lives on these properties to do due diligence.

And we need to be educated on what’s being done to monitor the state of our high rise condos.

So often, these developers come and build and then they leave. Many times there are property managers that don’t even want to keep the water on in some communities, let alone do the proper inspections (story HERE).

This is also when our code enforcement departments need to get to work as well.

What does Orlando do to prevent the kind of tragedy that we saw in South Florida?

And what should we be on the lookout for? Many of us have been living in this community a long time. Do we know what to look for when it comes to building integrity? I sure don’t.

And let’s continue to keep Surfside in our thoughts as we move into what will be a very difficult time for their community.

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