Movie Review: “Werewolves Within” is a zany horror whodunit

“Werewolves Within” is exactly the kind of big blockbuster palette cleanser we need as we finally get back into our summer movie routines. It’s an enjoyable time that won’t allow you to take it seriously, and features a duo of leads that you probably already like.

Finn Wheeler (played by Scott Richardson who played Richard Splett on Veep) is the new park ranger, who’s just arrived to Beaverfield, a small town where apparently everyone is a weirdo and a pipeline controversy has divided their community. Just as Finn appears to find someone he likes in Mailperson “Cecily” (played by Milana Vayntrub, “Lily” from the AT&T commercials) people start turning up dead. And as avalanches close the roads and the power goes out, shutting out Beaverfield from the rest of the world, things only get more bizarre from there.

It feels like the drunk cousin of “Knives Out”, who doesn’t care what you think. And it’s a lot of fun.

Richardson and Vayntrub are as likeable together as it would sound, and when director Josh Ruben, gets this whole cast in a room the movie just hums like a wild blend of maniacs just airing their opinions of what’s happening all at once. It nails it’s running time right on the head, and even the mystery, which has no business being clever, will keep the casual viewer guessing.

The special effects aren’t that good, but hey, this isn’t “Underworld” and I think you’ll figure that out awfully quick. There is also some dialog that is funny but is zipped by before we can really appreciate it.

It’s enjoyable and I recommend it.

Werewolves Within


Rated: R

Running time: 1 Hour 39 minutes

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